Keri & Lin

This afternoon’s photoshoot had me playing meteorologist more than photographer with this fun and sporty Aussie natives, Keri and Lin. A pesky and persistent rain shower foiled the outdoor plans we had for this duo of fitness consultants from Melbourne. This couple’s energetic vibe and go get it attitude assured that we would not succumb to mother nature’s bipolar-ness. After throwing out a few indoor options for them to consider, we settled on Grand Central since they had never been and wanted to check it out.

I think this athletic couple would do a lot better with an outdoor shoot that captured their vital and lively essence a bit better. We worked with what we had and ended up having a great shoot, as well as Keri and Lin’s first ever subway ride with a visit to the beautiful, historic, and hectic train terminal.

They had a ton of questions about New York being that it was their first time in the city. Keri and Lin had mostly great things to say about being in the city for over a week, but after the rain we had, they were definitely missing the sunshine and warmth of Orlando and Los Angeles just a little more.