Jonathan Aidana!

Jonatan’s first time in New York has definitely been a memorable trip for him, and after experiencing his first photoshoot he was sure to leave the city with a great afternoon etched into imagery for him to look back on. We found ourselves in one of the most stylish and trendy parts of the city- SoHo.

Jonatan pointed out how well New Yorkers dressed and he enjoyed playing the part. He wasted no time before strutting the city like a real New Yorker. His initial nervousness was quickly overcome with excitement as we settled into things. This advertising consultant and sports media manager was very easygoing and involved with his photos and presentation.

His favorite scene was on Greene Street where his walking shots over the cobblestone streets were framed perfectly by the cast iron architecture and a perfect view of the new and quirky 56 Leonard St. skyscraper stood in the background.