Boram Noh

I met up with Boram and her boyfriend on a clammy and cloudy Tuesday afternoon for our shoot in Dumbo. These two marketing consultants from Seoul, South Korea were making the best out of their vacation to the New York area despite the dreary Spring weather that we’ve been experiencing lately. The persistent drizzle made our photoshoot slightly challenging but it kept the usual crowds that frequent the area at bay. It did at least provide for some beautiful natural light in most of our photos.


The rain didn’t seem to bother Boram and her partner at all, who were very happy and energetic all the way through. While we had some issues understanding each other because of a language barrier, we were able to convey our thoughts through emotions and by use of our hands.

Boram spoke more English than her partner, and from what I gathered they were mostly in New York to go shopping. They raved about their experiences going to suburban outlet malls which probably explains why they decided to stay in New Jersey for their trip.

All in all it was a fun session and I enjoyed spending some time with these quirky and cosmopolitan South Koreans. I hope they’d say the same!