Andrey Bragin!

Andrey was on a 7 day vacation to New York and it was his second trip to the city, with the last time being 9 years ago. An avid sportsman, this athlete’s specialty is the long jump and we were both able to connect over our love of running! Lucky for him he was staying near Central Park and spoke well of his time in NYC so far, which has been 2 days.


He had multiple photoshoots planned for his stay in New York, with one in Times Square later today and another in TriBeCa tomorrow morning. Andrey’s other plans for his stay in New York were to visit MSG and just to take it easy. The shoot itself was generally good and had really nice lighting with mostly cloudy skies and faint breaks of sun.

He was very eager to show me the types of pictures he wanted, and was even happier to finally make it to the spots that he had seen on his phone. The chill in the air didn’t bother Andrey who was eager to take off his jacket for almost all of his shots.