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New York Water Taxi - NEW

The New York Water Taxi is perfect as a venue for elopements and private parties as it transports you and your guests around NYC with a breathtaking view of the city from the water.


Central Park

Classic, timeless — with 150 years of history and the title of Most Visited City Park under its belt, Central Park is a prime spot for you to capture a more laid-back side of the often bustling city. Visit the Bethesda Fountain and the nearby Bethesda Terrace and lake, or reconnect with the lush nature the park offers by taking a few shots around the blooming Conservatory Garden.

Flatiron and Madison Square Park

Sitting at the heart of high-end Manhattan, the Flatiron Building boasts its position near Fifth Avenue, hailed as one of the most elegant streets in the world. Photograph yourself in the middle of the vibrant city life, place yourself in contrast to the Flatiron’s towering industrial architecture, or choose a more tranquil, ethereal vibe for your pictures in the nearby Madison Square Park.


Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO

The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges creates the intersection between the two most popular parts of New York, and they’re the best places for you to suspend time for a little while and take snapshots in the middle of the cross between the neo-Gothic and Baroque designs with the city skyline just behind you.


New York is a city that prides itself in its fashion, so let SoHo be your runway; strut your style and show off by the fancy boutiques and art galleries that pepper its streets — after all, every week in New York is fashion week!

tribeca 2


If trendy and hip places attract you, then Tribeca is the place to go; despite its predominantly industrial setting, the area is rich with stylish restaurants and buildings that are perfect for insta-worthy travel shots!

The Highline and West Village

Photograph yourself amid the old and the new; let the Highline elevate your experience and put you at the center of early industrial structures and modern glass buildings, or take a trip down the cobblestone streets of the suburban West Village, where the townhouses make you feel right at home. Fun fact: the West Village is home to the characters of America’s most beloved sitcom!


New York Public Library

Your inner bookworm won’t be able to get enough of the third biggest library in the whole world, with its ceiling-high bookshelves and magnificent interior craftsmanship. The New York Public Library will transport you into a world of quiet beauty, and you can stand under the exquisite fresco paintings or in front of the arches that keep this hold up this New York City Landmark — perhaps, you can even skim through a book or two of your choosing.

Williamsburg and Bushwick

Art is expression, and there’s no place better to express yourself than around this unique, open-aired gallery in Brooklyn. Let your photographer snap you at the forefront of edgy murals, and bring out your wild side in front of the vivid artwork by international visionaries.


Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is a testament to America’s vision of always moving forward; the building’s high ceilings and industrial era design make it one of the country’s greatest architectural achievements to date. Stand in the center of the Main Concourse and let both busy locals and awestruck tourists be a part of the moments you capture, shop or grab a bite to eat — or, perhaps, even all three!

The Oculus

One of the city’s more post-modern structures, the Oculus sits between New York and New Jersey as the main train station connecting the two states, adjacent to the world famous World Trade Center. Its bold, striking design makes it a transportation hub like no other, and you can shop or try out a cafe or two after your shoot!


Times Square + Bryant Park

When you visit New York, you almost always think of Times Square, the city landmark of every tourist’s dreams — sitting right at the crossing of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the area is alive with both light and life. An entertainment hotspot, Times Square is best visited at night, where you can bask in its lively atmosphere.


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I Heart New York also loves other locations. We have photographers in London and Hawaii, ready to turn your trip into one you’ll definitely always remember. Just like New York, London is the ideal place to turn a simple holiday into a romantic adventure, with I Heart New York there to capture every second.

Photographers available to capture surprises and moments in three beautiful locations

New York, London and Hawaii are three unique locations, with something different to offer everyone. See a thousand years of history in a day with a trip to England’s most famous city, experience the lights and sound of New York, or bask in the sunshine with a tropical Hawaiian escape. Whether you’re planning a proposal, surprise, valentine’s day or otherwise, celebrating your engagement or wedding, or enjoying the vacation of a lifetime, we can be there to create photographs you’ll keep forever.

Photographers for elopement photography in London

There’s something romantic and exciting about running away and getting married. It wouldn’t be right to not have the best photographs capturing the occasion. Whether you want to get married at City Hall, on the shores of Maui or beneath the famous old buildings of London, I Heart New York can make it happen. London and Hawaii are rich with history, both with unique stories to tell. The streets of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and Jack the Ripper. The Statue of Liberty, Broadway, City Hall and King Kong. The choice is yours. Our photographers will create beautiful photographs that bring these locations to life and capture the feeling of being there like no selfie can.

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